Ready to use kits with ATP (Adenose Tri Phosphate) reagents make the Bacterial Contamination Test Kit a simple, rapid, low cost alternative for bacterial screening.



Bacterial Screening Kit

An ultra-rapid screening kit for water contamination of bacteria and biological materials.





The amount of microbial organisms in water is a signal for the quantitative importance of bacterial decomposition of biological residues.

The energy source of all living organisms including bacteria and other microbes is ATP (Adensoe Tri Phosphate). The Bacterial Contamination Screening kit measures the total amount of ATP present in a water sample, as the quantitative criterion fro the presence of bacteria and biological residues.

The total ATP content of a water sample comprises the intracellular ATP from all living biota and biological residues present in the sample and the (dissolved) extracellular ATP released from dead organisms.

ATP in water can be measured by the chemical luminescence through a luciferin/luciferase reaction with specific chemical reagents.

The amount of light produced is directly proportional to the total ATP content of the water samples, and is measured in a luminometer and expressed in Relative Light Units (RLU) or in this case Relative Luminescence Units.

The bacterial contamination screening kit contains tubes with specific ATP reagents which in combination with the hand-held luminescence unit allows users to perform two types of bacterial contamination assay.