Ready to use kits with ATP (Adenose Tri Phosphate) reagents make the Bacterial Contamination Test Kit a simple, rapid, low cost alternative for bacterial screening.



Bacterial Screening Kit

An ultra-rapid screening kit for water contamination of bacteria and biological materials.


Benefits of the Bacterial Screening kit.





As the Bacterial Contamination Screening kit is suited for a variety of analyses such as microbial contamination of surface and groundwater, routine microbial screening of drinking waters, swimming pools and aqua culture tanks, water contamination emergencies, and in various methods of bacteriological water treatments.

Benefits of the Bacterial Contamination Screening kit:

Ready to use tubes with ATP reagents allow for simple and rapid results when compared to other ATP measurement methods.

Laboratory based traditional methods are based on expensive equipment and materials, which also require one to several days of incubation. The Bacterial Contamination Screening Kit can be used any-where, any-time in only a few minutes. The assays only require transportation of the kit and the small lightweight luminescence measurement case for on-site investigation.

The bacterial contamination screening tests can be preformed at ambient temperatures with maximum luminescence scoring in the 15 to 25 degree Celsius range.

The membrane filter test procedure allows for the degree of contamination of the suspect water by bacteria, after prior elimination of the ATP from other biota and biological residues.

The Bacterial Contamination Screening Kit can also be applied to estuarine and marine waters to detect their degree of contamination by either freshwater or marine bacteria.