Ready to use kits with ATP (Adenose Tri Phosphate) reagents make the Bacterial Contamination Test Kit a simple, rapid, low cost alternative for bacterial screening.



Bacterial Screening Kit

An ultra-rapid screening kit for water contamination of bacteria and biological materials.

Bacterial Contamination Screening Kit    




The Bacterial Contamination Screening Kit (BC01) contains tubes with ATP (Adenose Tri Phosphate) reagents which in combination with the luminescence measurement (lumi-box) allows for 2 types of bacterial analyses to be conducted.

A Direct Test - The direct test measures the total amount of ATP in the water sample.

A Membrane Filter Test - The membrane test measures the ATP activity from only the living bacteria present in the water samples. The membrane filter test eliminates all of the intra and extracellular ATP from other biota and biological residues.

Each Bacterial Contamination Screening Kit contains 10 unit boxes; each unit box contains 2 tubes with ATP reagents and 2 200ul finntips.

Each tube allows for the measurement of one water sample, meaning 1 bacterial contamination screening kit allows for up to 20 water samples to be screened for bacteria.

The tubes which contain the ATP reagents are composed of 2 distinct compartments which are separated by a partition. The upper chamber contains an ATP liquid extract, and the bottom chamber which contains a solid ATP reagent.

The Bacterial Contamination Screening kit is suited for a variety of analyses such as microbial contamination of surface and groundwater, routine microbial screening of drinking waters, swimming pools and aqua culture tanks as well as various kinds of bacteriological water treatments.

The Bacterial Contamination Screening Kit allows for:

1. The ready-to-use tubes with ATP reagents allowing for a simple and rapid test compared to any other ATP measurement method.

2. The Bacterial Contamination Screening Kit can be carried out anywhere in the field within a few short minutes.

3. The Bacterial Contamination Screening Kit can be performed in ambient temperatures with the maximum luminescence scoring within the 15-20 degree Celsius range.

4. The membrane filter test allows for a direct measurement of the degree of contamination of the suspect water by bacteria.

5. The Bacterial Contamination Screening kit can be used in freshwater as well as marine water and estuarine environments.

The Bacterial Contamination Screening Kit contains the following items:

Unit Boxes: 10 Boxes with 2 tubes per box which contain ATP reagents along with 2 finntips (200ul).

Result Sheets: 20 Sheets for the scoring of the luminescence data of the "membrane filter test" or the "direct test" along with the degree of bacterial contamination of the analyzed water(s).

Standard Operational Procedure Manual: A detailed brochure with all the instructions and illustrations for the performance of the direct test and the membrane filter test.

Bench Protocol: An abbreviated version of the Standard Operational Procedure manual.

Specification Sheet: A sheet indicating the batch number and the shelf life of the tubes with ATP reagents.

For a review of the full protocol for the bacterial screening kit including use of luminometer, please click here.